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This three-day program introduces coaching essentials to those new to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Coaching, and sets you off on a life-altering learning journey. You can take this training as a stand alone training or as module 1 of the Meta-Coach Training System™.

You’ll graduate from Coaching Essentials with:

Who must attend this program?

In the words of Coaching Essentials Graduates.

.it opened many doors of possibility. For the first time I was offered the choice of perspective and began learning the skills that would allow me to improve the quality of anything I chose to focus on. This opened up new avenues of moving through the world, allowing me the choice to live my life with purpose, or Not, but most importantly it started a journey of learning and growth that are key components of my coaching identity.
Tim Goodenough, ACMC - Sports Performance Coach

I had already been identified by peers as an excellent communicator, and I learnt for the first time how to easily ask the “right” questions while communicating. It is so much to write, of what I learnt. I learnt to help myself, clients and team members. I learnt how to combine the tools I already have and to expand to an unlimited area. I have better rapport with clients and workmates and most importantly for them to find their inner skills and strengths. Outcome - it has made my job easier!
Sandra Dacar, ICMC - Internal Coach

.I honestly don't know where I would be without this course. My knowledge and skill levels increased enormously, thus making a massive difference in my confidence as a coach. gave me such incredible skills that I know I am now able to coach at a much deeper and transformational level. For any people out there wishing to be at the pinnacle of the coaching profession, then these trainings are an absolute must.
Rachel Grant, ACMC - NLP & NS Trainer and Meta - Coach

I learnt a new and awesome way to use language. I gained a mega load of tools and resources to use in my life, work, family and relationships. I have learnt a balanced and more wholesome approach to life. A deep transformation. I feel a higher space of where I am coming from. Thank you for sharing your time, energy and knowledge in a loving, safe and wholesome environment.
James Charlesberg, Personal Coach

Coaching Essentials - Notes on prior learning

There is no prior learning required for participating in Coaching Essentials. If you have NLP or Meta-NLP Practitioner Certification from a recognized Institute, you can skip this Module and go straight to Module 2.

Coaching Essentials suggested reading includes:

  1. Introducing NLP, John Seymour and Joseph O’Connor or
    Users Manual for the Brain Vol 1, Bob Bodenhammer and L Michael Hall

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